Busy Week on the Farm!

It's been a super busy week on the farm.  We had a lot of (non-farm) events going on, my mother visited so we showed her around the area a bit, and Matt went back up to NH to get our greenhouses (finally!).  There's some pics below to catch up a bit! Germination and planting (both inside and out) are proceeding on schedule, but we started getting in a pinch (since we had to wait to get our greenhouse), so we tossed together a mini-caterpillar tunnel for the plants to live in during the day.  It's pretty jury-rigged, but easily fits all of our flats, and has already weathered like a champ some 40 mph gusts of wind! The deer fencing hasn't been tested yet but has also survived the wind without a problem.

We started field seeding, and the tractor/tiller combo is working out great.  Oddly, though, it's already TOO dry for lots of the smaller seeded crops to germinate without irrigation.  This is strange and a bit worrying so early in the year (April generally tends to be too WET).

This week will have a lot of field work going on... look forward to a post on the greenhouse going up, and our irrigation system installation.  Also, we should have some more pictures from the field as germination begins out there!