Off to NOFA-NY winter conference!




Matt and I are packing up and getting ready to head out to the 2012 Northeast Organic Farming Association-NY winter conference.  We love this conference (if it's possible to love a conference) for the awesome people we have met there, the tons of things we have learned, and the overall enjoyment of being in a place with a lot of other farmers.

The first year we moved to NY (in 2008), it really amazed us to be at an organic farming conference with so many people participating.  (and so many vendors!)  Even after years of going to different workshops and trade shows, that was really the first time we were at an event that focused on sustainability, yet had real large tractors and equipment for sale.  (I suspect that Matt just really wanted to move to NY from NH so we could work fields large enough that he could justify getting a big tractor.)

This year is a little scary (but mostly exciting) for us since it's the first time we will be out representing Hartwood Farm in public, for real.  Email us (on our contact us page) if you are there and want to meet us and talk about the farm!  Also, come check out my workshop--How to Get the Vegetables You Want, When You Want Them (Sat at 2:30) which is all about crop planning and setting up spreadsheets (exciting, I know...).