This Year's U-Pick Garden Plans!

One of the fun things we plan out in the winter is the U-Pick garden. It's frankly a bit of a break from the big complicated field planning to get to look at flowers and herbs and all the fun odds and ends that we enjoy growing but that we can't really grow on anything other than a smaller U-Pick scale!

This year we plan to expand the U-Pick garden a bit from last year since we had to cut our plantings short for August due to coming close to running out of water in the drought! We'll be planting more of the crops we missed in 2016 and also be adding a few new flower and herb varieties.

This is how the first draft of the veggies and herbs looks like:

And this is the first draft of the flowers:

The other big addition we have this year is a new Instagram account just for the U-Pick garden. It's @hartwoodupick and is sparse right now. However, once we get into the season, we'll be photographing *everything* in the U-Pick garden and putting up descriptions of what it is to help in your identification when you are out harvesting and cooking!

We did have a few requests that we can't make work quite yet in the U-Pick garden for one reason or another, generally either labor (crops like lettuce that need to be replanted every 5 to 7 days), pests (things like broccoli that need their row covers), or space hogs (we'd love to plant pumpkins, but they just sprawl over too much space).

We may also have a few other surprises to add--and as always, please let us know if there's something you want to see in this (or future) years!