Farming on our own land...





...maybe.  After months of looking for land, filling out paperwork, getting rejected, and having impressive discussions/arguments with each other, it seems that this farm purchase thing is really going to happen.  Maybe.  Given how things go in the farmland acquistion process, we won't really feel like this is secure until we have boots on the ground.  (Which will hopefully be by February first.)Field Image

But here it is--the first public shot of what we hope to call home.

What it is--68 acres of prime, rolling to flat loam, with 45 to 50 in open field.

What we are shooting for--25 give or take acres in vegetables, 10 acres in hops, and the remainder and hop alleyways grazed by poultry and livestock.

Of course a farm isn't built in a day, and we are starting small (since making this happen took every cent we have had!).  For 2012 we will crop 3 to 4 acres in vegetables, and get our feet under us in CNY with farmers market, CSA, and wholesale sales.

This blog, which we will update bi-weekly, will be an account of this first year (and hopefully the many that follow) farming.  Our goal is to have the blog (and our website) be a source of resources for Hartwood Farm customers, including hints and links and recipes of how to use our vegetables (and other products as they come in).  Additionally, the blog will be the best way to see what's happening at the farm, and follow through the seasons with us at the farm.

Finally, by request of all of our friends and acquaintances that want to start farming (or think they want to start farming ;) we also want this blog to be a follow-along account of what we are doing at the farm, how and why we are doing it, and how you can do it to (if you dare!).

Happy Winter Days, and Happy Farming!  Peace, Maryellen and Matt