Throughout the summer, we'll be adding more information and links about the shares and how to best enjoy them, as well as unrolling our new member management system (it will be super easy to make changes)

Making Changes to Your CSA Pickup

Are you going on vacation or need to make a change to your share--either putting it on hold, switching sites, or more? You can do so by filling out the member change form HERE.

2019 CSA Newsletters

On their way in June!

Help Using the Veggies

Email us if you need a copy of the Veggie Guide!

Veggie ID help is on our Instagram and Facebook pages (we do photos and videos)

We are also a farm member of Cook with What You Have (shoot us an email if you forgot the login details!)

CSA Member Guidelines and Frequent Questions

+ When does the CSA begin (and end)?

2019 distributions start Tuesday, June 18th for Syracuse, Liverpool, Manlius, Cicero, and Fayetteville; Friday, June 21st on the farm, and Saturday, June 22nd at the Cazenovia Farmers Market. We run the shares for 18 weeks, which means likely end on October 15th, 18th, and 19th, weather depending (we say weather depending, because who knows what else Mother Nature plans to throw CNY’s way in 2019?).

+ How we communicate with you!

We send out weekly newsletters using MailChimp, which can sometimes end up in your spam filter. Please go in there and make sure that is a trusted address so you can see your email and learn about all the great stuff heading your way each week.

You can also reach us anytime at our farm number 315 655 5652 (this is a landline, so can’t receive texts). We also do include our cell numbers in the member emails, so make sure you check them so that you can easily reach us. Remember if you text us to let us know who you are so we can make sure to answer your question correctly!

+ Where do we pick up our shares?

We have pickups around the region (and yes, you can switch around where you get your veggies). Pickups include:

Tuesdays from:

  • 2:30 to 7pm in Fayetteville, off Rt. 5 near Green Lakes and Four Seasons
  • 2:30 to 7pm in Manlius, off Brickyard Falls Rd
  • 3 to 7pm in Syracuse, Westcott neighborhood
  • 3:30 to 7pm at Freedome of Espresso, Liverpool
  • 4 to 7pm at Crossfit 315, Cicero
  • on farm after 2 by request

Friday at the farm from 4 to 7pm

Saturday at the Cazenovia Farmers Market from 9am to 2pm

+ How does picking up the share work?

One of us or our great farm crew will be there the first week to help orient you to how pickups work!

But in essence, you:

  • Show up at your site during the pickup window
  • Check your name off the check-in list, which also tells you what size shares you are getting (make sure to remind friends or partners who are picking up for you about this so they can get the right share size too!)
  • Look around for any extra notes—we usually include a list of what’s in the share and sometimes have other special notes up as well
  • Carefully open the box… the wax boxes we use are deceptively hard to open without tearing. Remember to slide the tabs out using the folds and not pull up on the lids, or they will break!
  • Take out your veggies and transfer to your coolers or bags. This year we are starting to use plastic liner bags for the boxes, which you can take as well and repurpose as trash bags! [For returning members wondering about why we added these, it’s in part to make sure the veggies stay clean in transport, but also because we felt like veggies on the tops of the boxes were getting a bit tired and dried out. These bags should help trap in more coolness and protect the leafy greens from the wind.]
  • Leave your box at the site. There is no need to break down your box if you find it challenging—our hosts can help with this to save the boxes!
  • If you are splitting a share (which is totally fine), it’s easiest if one partner either gets the share and you split later in the day, or if you meet at the site at the same time. If you do need to leave a partial share at the site, PLEASE make it clear to your partner and other members that this box is not a full share with a giant sign or something, so that things don’t get mixed up.

+ What if I can’t make it to pick up my box a particular day/week—switches and deadlines!

Members can definitely switch sites and put shares on hold. How this works best right now is if you go to this form and fill it out on what day you will be gone or in a different place, and what alternative works best for you.

For Tuesday shareholders, please submit any changes by midnight on Sunday.

For Friday or Saturday shareholders, please submit any changes by midnight on Weds.

If you need to make changes after those deadlines, please contact us directly by email or text.

+ How does a vacation hold work?

For going on vacation, you can choose to have someone get your share for you at the regular pickup (you don’t need to let us know or fill anything out for this—just make sure your substitute knows where and how to get the box!), or you can put your share on hold.

If you put your share on hold, you have the choice to either donate the veggies or to get a makeup box at some other point. For large shares, this makeup box will be two large boxes. For small shares, we assume you would prefer a large share as your makeup box. If you would rather get two small boxes, make sure to note this when you fill out the vacation hold form! Please note, you don’t have to get your makeup share right when you get back from vacation, you can request this share at the end of the season (when we have more storage veggies in the boxes) or for a week when you have a full house.

+ How does a site swap work?

You fill out the same form to let us know what change you want to make! Please note that there is a bit more flexibility to swap sites at the farm (as we have big coolers here to keep all the veggies fresh easier). If you think you need a permanent site swap or want to set up a rotation, that’s fine, just shoot us an email and we can make it happen.

+ What if I don’t like something—how to use the Swap Basket?

Each site has a swap basket that starts off with a handful of vegetables. It’s there for you to swap something out that perhaps you don’t like for something you like more. So if you hate lettuce, you can put your lettuce into the basket and in exchange take out something else. Also, if you just think you won’t eat all the veggies in your share for a particular week, you can leave those in the swap basket as well. Please don’t raid the swap basket without trading in an item.

Alternately, sometimes we have extra bounties of things, or crops that would be “seconds” but that members might enjoy more of (giant zucchinis would be an example of this). We will sometimes bring these extras or seconds to our remote sites—these will be identified by a sign. We also often have seconds at our Friday pickup, so if you are U-Picking at the farm from another site, feel free to stop by the tent to say hi and help yourself to any seconds/extras.

+ How can I check my balance or make a payment?

Right now, we are (still!) waiting for our slick new member management software to go live, so shoot us an email at to check your balance.

To make a payment right now, you can mail checks anytime to Hartwood Farm, 5258 Irish Ridge Rd, Chittenango, NY 13037, or drop one off at the Cazenovia Farmers Market. Alternately, email us at and we can send you a credit card payment link.

+ I forgot to pickup, what do I do now?

It depends on your site. We really appreciate our great hosts and their help and flexibility in helping connect our veggies to all of you! If you forget a share, please call, email, or text us right away and we can work to connect you with it.

After we drop off all the shares, we directly return to the farm, so we can’t go get any un-picked up shares and bring them back to the farm for you or save them for the next week. In Fayetteville, Manlius, and Syracuse, our sites are at private members’ homes, and our great hosts are often able to leave forgotten shares outside their garages for late pickup or pickup the next day if you let us or them know (the quality won’t be the best on the greens if they sit out on a hot day, though, just as a warning!). At the farm, forgetting a share is not a big deal, we just put it in our coolers and it can live there until you come get it. Farm pickups can also text us to bring their shares to the Cazenovia market the next day.

+ How does U-Picking work?

U-picking is part of all shares (it’s included in the price), and we hope that you are able to make it out to the farm a few times this summer! This year's U-Pick is pretty flower-focused, with some additional cherry tomatoes, husk cherries, and herbs. While you are welcome to stroll around the U-Pick gardens from the first pickup, we won’t officially open them until the flowers start coming in (usually mid-July).

U-picking is officially open Friday afternoons from 3pm to dusk. Other hours are fine by appointment (just shoot us an email if you want to come some other time), we just may not be there other times. We will have signs and maps of where the flowers and veggies are, as well as guidelines on how to harvest them. We also have new fabric walkways for much of the garden, so it will be easier to get around! More U-pick details will be coming…

+ Will I know in advance what’s in my share?

CSA newsletters are sent out by email on Sunday or Monday... so, yes, you will have a sense in advance what vegetables are coming each week. Newsletters also contain recipes to help plan out meals/shopping around the vegetables in the share. However, since we are somewhat on nature’s schedule, we aren’t always correct in our estimates—so there can always be some surprise element to the share! We do post pictures of our shares mid-day on Tuesdays, so you will have an idea of what is in your boxes a few hours in advance!