A Walk in the Woods





Besides pretending that this is a normal winter (and snow shoveling is aMatt and Arlo heading into the woods thing of the past), we've been working hard to get our farm prep work done for the season.  This includes ordering seeds (orders finally sent in to Johnny's and High Mowing), shopping for tractors and implements, and getting our online presence together (probably the biggest challenge since we are distinctly non-techies).  This weekend's 8" of snow was a reality check that we do live in the northeast, and reminded us that usually our winter days are full of things like shoveling off our cars and digging through drifts to get around the farm!

StreamBut we finally got out to finish taking the walk last week that ended prematurely with Arlo running full bore into barbed wire (not that some-dog is on a leash in this pic).  Lots of nice young maples, with some in the back of the woods large enough to tap.  This year, however... between the move, not having any sugaring equipment, and really not knowing (given the odd weather) WHEN to tap, I think it looks like we are just going to be enjoying the woods, rather than working them...